Project Boo privacy policy

This privacy policy describes what data we (HummingbirdUK Web Design Limited, trading as Project Boo, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 08723764) collect through your use of the website, and what we do with it.

You can read through the below, but it basically boils down to (a) we only collect essential information to give you the best experience when using the features of the Project Boo platform, (b) we keep that information securely, (c) we'll delete the information if you absolutely want us to, and (d) we don't give your data to anyone who doesn't need to have it.

What information we collect - unregistered users

Unless you register an account with us, we collect no information about you.

We use cookies (small text files) which are esssential to your usage of the site, but they contain no personal information about you, and are under your control (you can deleted them at any time).

What information we collect - registered users

If you create an account with us, you do so using your email address and a password. We store the password in encrypted form and have no way of decrypting it, so we never know, nor can we find out, what your password is.

If you place an order with a convention through the platform, we collect your name, address and telephone number and store these with the order.

Any other information which we gather from you is provided by you, and is at your discretion, and is only provided and collected to allow you to take advantage of the features of the platform (such as games you list for sale at a Bring and Buy). We need to collect and store this information for the proper functionality of the website.

When placing an order for a convention you have the option to receive additional information from that convention, or from us - you do not have to do so, but it may help the convention organisers to keep you informed of future years' conventions. They (and we) have the right to contact if it is essential to the performance of the contract entered into by you when placing an order through the platform, irrespective of whether you have opted into notifications.

The only additional information we can envisage sending you ourselves is to notify you when a new convention opens up that is geographically near to you that you may be interested in. That's about it.


We rely on the UK GDPR to process the information we receive from you because (a) we have your consent to do so, (b) we have / the convention organisers have a contractual obligation to you, and (c) we have a legitimate interest in doing so.

You can ask us to provide a breakdown of what information we have on you by email to [email protected].

You can ask us to delete the information we hold on you by email to the same address. We will delete all information that we can - some information (relating to past transactions, for example, may not be capable of being deleted for accounting or tax reasons).

This privacy policy was last modified on 12th July 2023.